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There will be more information about my writing, singing and other activities later, but for now:

Here is my first published book of poetry:

The EMDR Years

I've always told stories, so it was inevitable that the two+ years I spent in therapy after a diagnosis of Complex Post Traumatic Stress disorder would be recorded in stories and poems.

Often, on returning home, a poem would just flood out like a fast-flowing river as spring melt. I began to share these, and when my therapist asked if they could use some with other clients I decided to publish some of them as a record of my journey. If you have ever wondered about CBT trauma therapy, then this is an insight into its impact.

If you have ever wondered about EMDR - a strange therapy that, in spite of my doubts, actually worked - then the poems give my view of the journey from initial 'what is this' to a successful conclusion.

My short story collection: Snippets and Short Tails

Made Feb 2016
by myself